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Peter Elliot, Ph.D.

About Peter Elliot, Ph.D.

Peter is a leader in drug development and translation medicine with almost 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry.Β  He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and is an author on numerous patents.Β  He has led R&D teams that have initiated more than 50 clinical studies with multiple compounds across a broad range of therapeutic indications.Β  Peter holds a B.Sc. in Pharmacology from London University and a Ph.D. in Psychopharmacology from Cambridge University. After post-doc’s at Duke, Yale and McGill, Peter moved back to the UK to join Glaxo.Β  During his 5 years, Peter led a number of CNS programs focusing on movement disorders, neurodegeneration and pain.Β  He entered biotech where he has been successful for almost 20 years.Β  His first position was at Alkermes where he was Director of Pharmacology and was involved with their blood-brain barrier drug, RMP-7, and their stroke program.Β  He then joined to ProScript which, after a few years, was acquired by LeukoSite and ultimately Millennium.Β  Peter was Vice President of Pharmacology and Development during this time and was a co-developer of the multiple myeloma drug, VelcadeΒ©, and PS-519 for stroke.Β  He then moved to join CombinatoRx where he was Executive Vice President of Product Development and led the efforts resulting in 8 phase II programs in inflammation and oncology. Peter was recently Senior Vice President of R&D at Sirtris Pharmaceuticals and led their programs dedicated to the discovery and development of novel small molecule modulators of sirtuins for the treatment of diseases of aging including, metabolic disorders, oncology and inflammation.Β  Three SIRT1 activators are now in clinical development, SRT501, SRT2104 and SRT2379.Β  After a successful IPO, Sirtris was acquired by GSK for $720MM.Β  Peter is currently President of Wapiti Pharmaceutical Consulting.

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