Natasha Vita-More, Ph.D.

About Natasha Vita-More, Ph.D.

Dr. Natasha Vita-More is an author, humanitarian, and innovator whose work focuses on longevity and regenerative generations. As a motivational speaker, she focuses on causes and solutions, while fostering meaningful acknowledgement of others’ works who have aspired to identify human potential. She is called “An early adapter of revolutionary changes” (Wired, 2000) and “Advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities” (Politico, 2017). Natasha was the Lead Scientific Researcher on the Memory Project, which scientific breakthrough concerns long-term memory of C.elegans and cryonics (2015). As a proponent for mitigating aging, Natasha introduced the seminal field of Human Enhancement for longevity in academics. Her expertise in the field of ethics has produced high-level scholarship for undergrad and graduate students in the fields of computer science, cybersecurity, robotics, gaming, and business fields. As an entrepreneur, her experience within the domain of foresight studies has established principles and practices for assessing humanity’s potential futures. Natasha originated the original “Whole-Body prosthetic”, a seminal innovation comprised of nanomedicine, AI, and robotics that spearheaded alternatives to biological aging and received international recognition. Currently, she is a Professor of Humanities in Ethics, Business, and Entrepreneurship, and serves as the Executive Director of Humanity+. She is published in numerous academic articles and books and has a website at https://www.natashavita-more.com.

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