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Kris Verburgh, M.D.

About Kris Verburgh, M.D.

Kris Verburgh, MD, is an expert on the future of medicine and biotechnology, with a focus on aging and longevity. He examines how new technologies will disrupt medicine, health(care) and our lifespan, which trends and paradigm shifts in the medical field are happening, and what impact the fourth industrial revolution will have on our bodies and brains. He wrote his first science book when he was 16 years old. At age 28, he had written four science books. His latest two books address health, longevity and new developments in biotechnology. Kris Verburgh is a researcher at the Free University of Brussels. He is a partner at the Longevity Vision Fund, a $100 million fund that invests in new technologies to address aging. He is a faculty member for the Future of Medicine and Longevity at Singularity University Benelux. Kris gives talks on new developments and paradigm shifts in medicine, neuroscience, healthcare, and longevity. He gave lectures for the European Parliament, Cambridge University, Singularity University, TEDx, international companies, and various academic, financial and governmental institutes and organizations.

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