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Breanna Deutsch

Breanna Deutsch

About Breanna Deutsch

Breanna Deutsch is the author of "Finding the Fountain: Why Government Must Unlock Biotech’s Potential to Maximize Longevity".

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The senate building.
April 02, 2021
The good news is that the United States Senate has a Special Committee on Aging. The bad news is that it has little to do with the actual processes of aging and has not meaningfully furthered the research necessary to develop medical treatments for aging itself. Instead, the committee focuses its work on other issues...
A picture of Congress
January 29, 2021
Do members of Congress actually listen to the concerns of their constituents? Are the letters and emails you send read, or are they discarded into the physical or virtual trash? If they are read, does it even make any difference? Popular belief would tell you that the answer is no to all of the above,...