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Organization Description


LabDAO is a community of scientists and engineers coming together to share open tools for life science research. The community’s mission is to accelerate progress in the life sciences by making both computational and wet-lab tools accessible to all its members.

LabDAO is on a mission to accelerate progress in the life sciences by developing open tools and making them globally accessible. We are coming together to build a community-owned and operated exchange of wet-lab and dry-lab laboratory services.

We want to live in a world in which the ability to unleash one’s potential to develop technology is not bounded by limited access to funding, hardware and distribution channels. The tools we are building together are designed to lower the barriers for inventors to raise funding, to develop technologies and to share them in a permissionless way. Put differently, we want to live in a world in which students can drop out of school because they developed a therapeutic candidate from their laptop.

Members within LabDAO implement algorithms and laboratory processes to offer them to community members on a peer-to-peer exchange.


Niklas Rindtorff

LabDAO - Founder

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