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Kizoo Technology Ventures

Organization Description


With a long history of funding successful tech startups in Germany, Kizoo Technology Ventures provides mentoring, seed funding, and early-stage financing to rejuvenation biotechnology companies. It is part of the Forever Healthy Group, the organization that sponsors the annual Undoing Aging conference, and its portfolio consists of companies that are developing interventions against multiple aspects of aging, including its root causes.

Antoxerene: This company is dedicated to using next-generation screening technology in order to develop small-molecule drugs. Its main current targets include p53/MDM2, which is related to cancer, and p53/FOXO4, a pathway well-known for its association with aging.

AgeX Therapeutics: Focusing on tissue regeneration and stem cell research, AgeX is developing brown fat cells from induced pluripotent stem cells and progenitors of blood vessels. The company intends to use its products to fight Type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer.

Cellvie: Focusing on the hallmark of mitochondrial dysfunction, Cellvie intends to augment mitochondria in order to both directly intervene against a root cause of aging and repair the results of blocked arteries, which can cause downstream harm in addition to heart attack and stroke.

Elastrin: This company focuses on calcified tissues and organs in which elastin is degraded. As its name suggests, elastin is responsible for skin elasticity, and Elevian intends to develop nanoparticles that directly target this substance.

Elevian: The goal of Elevian is to harness natural factors that promote regeneration in humans. Right now, it is focused on GDF11, a compound that has been shown to spur regeneration in multiple tissues throughout the bodies of aged animals in addition to improving metabolism and promoting blood flow to the brain.

FoxBio: Cooperating with Antoxerene for its drug discovery, FoxBio intends to use small molecules to target and kill senescent cells, which are one of the hallmarks of aging. Such drugs are called senolytics, and they may be an effective intervention against multiple diseases of aging.

LIfT BioSciences: LIfT is aiming to destroy solid tumors by developing a bank of neutrophils, white blood cells that innately target cancer. It intends to target rare cancers that are currently not well treated, such as pancreatic cancer.

Lysoclear: This company intends to treat age-related macular degeneration with enzymes that target A2E, a protein that our cells cannot properly digest. This technique is based on a repair strategy developed by SENS Research Foundation.

MAIA Biotechnology: MAIA intends to weaponize telomere attrition against cancer cells in order to rapidly kill tumors. Its flagship product uncaps the telomeres of these telomerase-producing cells, leading to cellular death.

Oisin Biotechnologies: Like FoxBio, Oisin intends to cure age-related diseases by removing senescent cells; however, rather than a small-molecule approach, Oisin is developing genetic interventions to stop these harmful cells from sticking around longer than they should.

Revel Pharmaceuticals: Cross-linked collagen causes arteries to stiffen and is a reason why skin wrinkles over time. SENS Research Foundation has always maintained that this is a fundamental aspect of aging, and Revel Pharmaceuticals intends to break these cross-links.

Turn Biotechnologies: is attempting to bring epigenetic reprogramming into the clinic. By restoring cells to epigenetic youth without causing them to forget what types of cells they are, this company may be able to directly solve this primary hallmark of aging.

Underdog Pharmaceuticals: With its fundamental science developed by SENS Research Foundation, Underdog intends to directly deal with 7-ketocholesterol, a form of cholesterol that our macrophages cannot digest, turning them into foam cells that only compound the problem. This is a major source of atherosclerosis, and if Underdog is successful, it could be a truly groundbreaking method of treating this common age-related disease.


Patrick Burgermeister

Kizoo Technology Ventures - Partner

Michael Greve

Kizoo Technology Ventures - Founder