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Tag: Vaccine

Could a vaccine approach to removing harmful senescent cells that accumulate with age be an alternative to senolytic drugs, which destroy them? Some researchers certainly believe it might and have published a new mouse study showing just that. What are senescent cells? As you age, increasing numbers of your cells enter into a state known...
COVID-19 Therapeutics Roadmap
The COVID-19 pandemic is dominating the news as countries around the world work hard to control the spread of the disease. Social distancing can help "flatten the curve" and prevent the overload of healthcare systems; however, there is a large percentage of people who develop serious complications after getting the virus. The global community is...
Scientists could be one step closer to a solution to atherosclerosis by preventing the buildup of plaques that clog the arteries and lead to strokes and heart attacks. What is atherosclerosis? Atherosclerosis is the accumulation of cholesterol-containing plaques in the walls of arteries; this causes them to narrow, leading to reduced blood flow, higher blood...