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Tag: Social Issues

April 05, 2021
One concern people have about increasing healthy human longevity is that society would become stagnant and innovation would cease as a result of people living too long. We will be taking a look at this concern and why we believe that stagnation probably won't happen as a result of increased longevity. Increasing human longevity vs...
Some people think longer lives would cause loss of motivation
April 03, 2021
Of all the concerns and objections that I've bumped into as a rejuvenation advocate, saying that healthy longevity would deprive us of motivation in life is by far the most bizarre. I have a hard time believing this concern is so widespread that it needs discussing, but it sometimes comes up, so for completeness’ sake,...
Empty wallet
March 18, 2021
The time has come for anti-aging research to incorporate behavioral and social science into its agenda, according to Terrie Moffitt, a psychology and neuroscience professor at Duke University [1]. She explains that doing so will help researchers translate fundamental findings into useful therapies and guide us in ensuring that aging therapies benefit as many people...
Elderly couple
March 04, 2021
A professor at the University of Southern California has proposed that longevity researchers expand their toolkit to include social hallmarks of aging [1]. This paper is one of a trio that offer a fresh perspective on geroscience by trying to integrate findings from a biological approach into the complex dynamics of humans as social animals....
May 15, 2019
If you work in social security, it's possible that your nightmares are full of undying elderly people who keep knocking on your door for pensions that you have no way of paying out. Tossing and turning in your bed, you beg for mercy, explaining that there's just too many old people who need pensions and...
April 26, 2018
Hard to believe but some people are worried that when rejuvenation biotechnology is available they may be forced to use it. Might rejuvenation become an imposition? Suppose that, on a nice day not too far into the future, while everything is going reasonably well in your life and you are enjoying yourself, you walk into...