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Tag: Sergey Young

The Science and Technology of Growing Young
Sergey Young's The Science and Technology of Growing Young ( is on Amazon Smile) is a mix of exciting longevity research and heady optimism. In an easy-to-read 272 pages, the investor gives a whirlwind tour of research on aging and the companies that are trying to turn this science into technology. In good hands Young...
Longevity Dialogues
Today, we want to highlight the Longevity Dialogues, a new series from Seeking Delphi, which is hosted by futurist Mark Sackler and features various notable figures in the aging research and futurist community. Its first episode, which was recently broadcast, featured Sergey Young, David Wood, and Jose Cordeiro. This episode focuses on a possible scenario...
Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020 Online
It’s halfway through the month, and a lot has been going on with the EARD 2020 conference preparations, so today is the ideal time to update you about what has been happening. Professor Lorna Harries will be joining us First things first: we are delighted to announce that Professor Lorna Harries will be speaking at...
Sergey Young interview
We recently had the opportunity to interview Sergey Young, a board member of XPRIZE and the creator of the $100m Longevity Vision Fund. When did you first become interested in healthy life extension, and why? My interest began with a routine visit to a doctor. Five years ago, at the age of 42, my blood...