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Tag: OncoSENS

At our fourth annual Ending Age-Related Diseases conference, Prof. Alexandra Stolzing of SENS Research Foundation discussed what SENS is doing in terms of grants, company creation and intervention development, and programs for college students. Script Thank you very much for attending today's presentation, and it's all about the science at SENS. I will be giving...
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The SENS Research Foundation (SRF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose focus is on developing and ensuring widespread access to rejuvenation biotechnologies meant to bring the pathologies of old age under comprehensive medical control. SRF was co-founded in March 2009 by Michael Kope, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Jeff Hall, Sarah Marr, and Kevin Perrott. The approach to...
We are testing a diverse drug library to find treatments for ‘ALT’ cancers, those which rely on...