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Tag: Neurogenesis

cute white rat
February 02, 2021
In a new study, a group of researchers report on their success in priming stem cells to differentiate into dopaminergic neurons in rat brains. Loss of these neurons is a major cause of Parkinson’s disease [1]. Less neurons, more Parkinson's Neuronal degeneration is the culprit behind several age-related disorders, including Parkinson's disease (PD), which affects...
August 06, 2020
A new study published in Cell Stem Cell has shown how astrocytes, glial cells that perform multiple critical functions in the brain, can become neural stem cells (NSCs) in response to injury. Astrocytes' normal functions The term 'astrocyte', meaning star-shaped cell, refers to a very heterogenous population of cells that perform maintenance, management and constructive...
July 13, 2020
By now, the race to discover regenerative factors present in blood has been underway for a number of years, with numerous researchers seeking a "secret sauce" in blood that has the potential to rejuvenate aged tissues and organs. A fork in the road It is clear from previous animal studies going back over a decade...
February 20, 2020
Synapses in the brain are preserved by transplanting young bone marrow into older individuals, according to an open-access mouse study published in Communications Biology. Blood and marrow Simply exchanging blood itself has been shown to have only limited positive effects on cognition. Irina and Michael Conboy have been performing plasma transfer experiments and experiments in...
Mouse brain maze
January 13, 2020
You know the story, and it happens to us all eventually: the older we get, the harder our brains find it to learn and remember new things. There are likely to be a myriad of reasons why the brain gets increasingly worse as we age, but these reasons are still poorly understood. Like the old...
July 05, 2019
As published in a recent study, researchers have discovered that neural stem cells are impeded by the invasion of T cells, immune cells that are not normally present in the neural stem cell niche [1]. The neural stem cell niches Our brains contain neural stem cells (NSCs); like their name suggests, these cells are responsible...