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Tag: Navitoclax

A team of researchers have explained in Aging how multiple compounds that target the BCL-2 protein family are considerably more effective against senescent cells than each compound by itself [1]. The limitations of existing senolytics The researchers begin their paper with a familiar discussion of senescent cells and their dangers, citing a 2019 paper outlining...
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In their publication in eLife Sciences, researchers at Newcastle University in the UK have illustrated how radiation-induced damage can be somewhat ameliorated with senolytics. These researchers focused on navitoclax along with the well-known combination of dasatinib and quercetin. A focus on cancer survivors The researchers begin this paper with a discussion of cancer treatments. They...
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Scientists have shown that clearing senescent neural precursor cells with the senolytic drug navitoclax reverses the age-related decline in neurogenesis and improves spatial memory in mice [1]. Not to be replaced The brain is an organ of special concern for geroscientists. It is theorized that we might soon be able to replace many aging organs,...