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Tag: MitoMouse

Great news, the SENS Research Foundation is finally back in the lab and have been sending out the MitoMouse rewards starting last week. COVID-19 may slow down shipping but things are looking on track to have all the gifts sent out in the next few weeks.
We have had an update from the MitoSENS team at the SENS Research Foundation about MitoMouse backer rewards which were due to ship at the end of last month. All the items have been ordered, however, we will not be able to physically ship anything until we are allowed into the building. Due to the...
We have had an update from the SENS Research Foundation team regarding donor gifts for the Mitomouse fundraiser. The Mitomouse team report that they have finalized the orders for the t-shirts and tote bags today and they printers will now begin production. Once the foundation recieves the finished items they will shipped out to backers,...
Researchers from SENS Research Foundation, including Matthew O'Connor and Amutha Boominathan, have published a new study showing how codons play an important role in getting copies of mitochondrial genes placed in the cellular nucleus to express themselves correctly [1]. A possible solution to mitochondrial diseases Mitochondrial disease is not a single disease; in fact, it...
Amutha Boominathan at EARD2019
We're releasing yet another talk from Ending Age-Related Diseases 2019, our highly successful two-day conference that featured talks from leading researchers and investors, bringing them together to discuss the future of aging and rejuvenation biotechnology. This talk is from Amutha Boominathan of SENS Research Foundation, who discussed her work with mitochondria - some of which...
Just a quick update to let you know that we are back from the Festive holidays and are working on getting all backer gifts for the MitoMouse project produced and shipped. We had a slight glitch in the system and did not get some of the backers shipping details or sizes so we are currently...