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Ending Age-Related Diseases Conference 2021
August 19-22 sees the arrival of the annual Ending Age-Related Diseases conference, where we will discuss progress in the development of diagnostics for aging along with drugs and therapies for healthy life extension. The conference will be virtual this year due to the current global pandemic, which means you can join us from the comfort...
PEARL Rapamycin Campaign
Today is a doubly important day: it marks the final day of the PEARL campaign and it is a celebration of another victory for the life extension community. PEARL smashed its initial fundraising goal and sailed through its two stretch goals, raising just under $183k thanks to the generous support of the community. What is...
2020 was a year of tremendous growth for As many of you have likely noticed, our news outlet team has hired two more excellent science journalists, Arkadi Mazin and Greg Gillipsie. Nicola Bagala, who produces LifeXtenShow, was assigned in the summer of 2020 to supervise one more important project, Lifespan News, with Brent Nally...