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Tag: Jim Mellon

October 05, 2020
More and more investors are starting to get interested in technologies that are being developed to slow or even reverse aging as therapies are starting to reach human trials. Recently, I attended the Longevity Investors Conference to learn more about investments being made towards anti-aging research. A shift towards doing something about aging The current...
Oriel College
May 18, 2020
Investment mogul Jim Mellon has donated a record-breaking 1 million British pounds to Oriel College in the United Kingdom, offering a ray of light for aging research. Supporting fundamental research on aging In recent years, one of the real dynamos of our community has been British investor and philanthropist Jim Mellon. Jim is perhaps best...
Jim Mellon
August 13, 2019
Today, we want to highlight an interview with billionaire investor Jim Mellon that our friend, Adam Ford of Science, Technology, and the Future, has conducted. Like us, Adam was at the Undoing Aging conference in Berlin earlier this year, and, just as we were, he was busy conducting a number of interviews with the researchers...
November 21, 2018
On January 29-31, 2019, the Longevity Therapeutics Summit is happening at the Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco, California. The conference is a great networking opportunity with some leading names in aging research giving talks during the event. This will be a two-day conference plus a pre-conference workshop hosted by our good friend Kelsey Moody from...
November 08, 2018
RAADFest, which is held every year in San Diego, California, is one of a growing number of conferences focused on longevity and how to slow or reverse the processes of aging. This was the third RAADFest, and it was, as in years past, an interesting mix of science conference and almost-religious rally and party. The...
June 13, 2018
We were interested to learn that Juvenescence Limited, a biotech and development company involved in the development of therapies that target the aging processes, has successfully raised $50 million in a series A financing round. Jim Mellon, the chairman of Juvenescence Limited, said, "We are delighted with the progress we have made and the faith...