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Tag: Infectious disease

Champions of Coronavirus
A research paper that has just been peer reviewed and published in Nature has described how disrupting an immune pathway that is upregulated in aging decreases the lethality of COVID-19 in a mouse model. Mice with COVID-19 As the researchers explain, normal mice do not use the same angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) as humans,...
Elderly Person Coughing
Researchers have used a big data approach to disentangle cellular and physiological changes that are specific to COVID-19 from those caused by aging [1]. Identifying these improves our understanding of the disease and may help explain why COVID-19 has a more severe effect on older people. A tangled skein The enormous impact of COVID-19 around...
A teal picture of coronavirus
New research published in Aging has analyzed the telomeres of patients hospitalized due to COVID-19. Why We Age: Telomere AttritionTelomeres are DNA regions located at the ends of a chromosome. Their normal length is 8-10 thousand base pairs, yet they consist of repetitions of a single sequence: TTAGGG. Telomeres do not code for proteins, but...