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Tag: Immunotherapy

Targeting tumors
September 29, 2020
A group of researchers have devised an effective anti-cancer therapy by loading cytokine-coding RNA fragments into lipid nanoparticles and injecting them directly into the tumor [1]. Anti-cancer immunotherapy is a powerful novel strategy that has given hope to millions of cancer patients. The immune system has a few aces up its sleeve when fighting cancer,...
White blood cells
June 23, 2020
Could the immune system itself be the best way to purge senescent cells, which accumulate as we age, from the body? A new review takes a look at the role of the immune system in removing these problematic cells. What are senescent cells? As you age, increasing numbers of your cells enter into a state...
June 22, 2020
Researchers are starting to test the use of immunotherapies, normally used for treating cancer, to target senescent cells, which accumulate in our bodies as we age and are implicated in many age-related conditions. What are senescent cells? As you age, increasing numbers of your cells enter into a state known as senescence. Senescent cells do...
Gene editing
February 28, 2020
The successful delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 modified immune cells to cancer patients represents the first U.S. clinical trial to test the gene editing approach in humans. Researchers from the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania have published data suggesting that immune cells modified using the gene editing tool CRISPR/Cas9 are able to survive and...
April 25, 2019
Scientists from Johns Hopkins Medicine have reported the successful creation of a special type of gel that mimics the lymph nodes in our bodies. This gel recruits and multiplies T cells just like actual lymph nodes do, so it could help in the fight against cancer and immune system disorders. The lymph nodes are the...
April 03, 2019
At Undoing Aging 2019, we interviewed some of the best researchers who are involved in discovering therapies for the root causes of aging. Their research aims to ameliorate the damages of aging and may one day lead to a future without age-related diseases. Dr. Judith Campisi, one of the speakers at this conference, is a...