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Tag: Glucosepane

Longevity Therapeutics banner
February 09, 2021
We continue our coverage of Longevity Therapeutics 2021 and bring you part 2 of day 1. Read the first article of the series here. Dr. Steven Braithwhite - Chief Scientific Officer, Alkahest Steven Braithwhite from Alkahest gave an update on the company’s ongoing clinical trials. Alkahest has been sifting plasma proteome in search for proteins...
Blood cells in an artery
January 11, 2021
Today, we want to highlight the results of a recent long-term study, which collected data over a four-year period to investigate the link between aortic stiffening and cognitive decline, including dementia. During aging, our blood vessels become increasingly stiff and lose their flexibility, and the cells comprising it struggle to contract and relax properly. Blood...
Dr. Jonathan Clark
December 09, 2020
At Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, Dr. Jonathan Clark of the Babraham Institute gave a presentation on the effects of cross-linked collagen on the elastic deformation of our tendons, which connect muscles and bones. The conventional wisdom is that as we age, our tendons lose the ability to stretch, but Dr. Clark presents evidence offering a...
October 09, 2020
New research takes us a step close to finding ways to remove the advanced glycation end-product known as glucosepane, a likely reason why our arteries stiffen as we age. Advanced Glycation End-ProductsIt has been proposed for some time that one reason we age is the accumulation of sugary metabolic wastes known as advanced glycation end-products...
Interview with Alexander Fedintsev
July 15, 2020
Two researchers, Alexander Fedintsev and Alexey Moskalev, have published an expansive review paper in which they propose a new hallmark of aging [1]. The authors draw our attention to a phenomenon that is sometimes overlooked in the context of aging: the accumulation of damage to long-lived molecules caused by the non-enzymatic chemical reactions of glycation,...
Three buildings
January 09, 2020
There are lots of exciting companies working in the aging field, and it's a great time to tell you about three of the more interesting ones. Most of these companies are a while away from human trials yet, but their innovations could possibly be truly game changing. Underdog Pharma Underdog Pharmaceuticals is a spin-off company...