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A study published in EBioMedicine has shown how a peptide targets and kills senescent cancer cells, potentially paving the way for a new class of interventions. Why we Age: Cellular SenescenceAs your body ages, more of your cells become senescent. Senescent cells do not divide or support the tissues of which they are part; instead,...
We interviewed Dr. Peter de Keizer, a researcher who is engaged in studying senescent cells and designing therapies to destroy them in order to delay and prevent age-related diseases. Cleara Biotech is currently using his research to develop a senolytic peptide that accomplishes this via interfering with the interactions between p53 and FOXO4. Senescent cells...
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Interest in therapies that remove senescent cells from the body, known as senolytics, has grown massively in the last year or so. There are now a number of companies actively developing senolytic therapies, including UNITY Biotechnology, Oisin Therapeutics, and Antoxerene. Recently, another company, Cleara Biotech, has arrived on the scene. We anticipated this last year...