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Tag: Diet

Small plate of food
December 03, 2020
A key gene mediating the effect of dietary restriction on longevity has been identified, improving our understanding of the link between the two and raising the prospect of more targeted therapeutic interventions. Less is more Dietary restriction is one of the most reliable ways to increase longevity, increasing lifespan in species from fruit flies to...
Villi and bacteria
June 25, 2020
A new study has seen researchers alter the balance of harmful bacteria in the gut microbiome to reduce cholesterol and reverse atherosclerosis in mice fed a high-fat Western diet. What is the gut microbiome? The gut microbiome describes the varied community of bacteria, archaea, eukarya, and viruses that inhabit our gut. The four bacterial phyla...
Time-restricted fasting
April 08, 2020
Intermittent fasting is a common topic in the longevity community, and a new study suggests that there could be some benefits from adopting this lifestyle. A new study published in the Journal of Proteomics builds on previous studies and suggests that intermittent fasting has a host of benefits in humans, not just mice. This study...
July 17, 2019
The internet is rife with myths and articles making dubious claims about certain foods and their anti-cancer properties. We have all seen the articles of questionable scientific merit gracing social media suggesting that such-and-such foods can cure cancer, the majority of which are highly questionable. A new study offers a unique kind of insight into...
Longevity camp
July 11, 2018
When we ask researchers when, in their opinion, the cures for aging will be ready, we often hear an optimistic answer: 20-25 years. As a well-informed optimist, I add another 10 years to this number, because wherever the therapies appear, it will take time for them to be distributed to other countries and become affordable....