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Tag: Clinical Practice

Brian Kennedy
Dr. Brian Kennedy is a longevity heavyweight: a former President of the Buck Institute, currently a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Physiology at the National University of Singapore, a co-editor of Aging Cell, and one of the researchers behind a recent study of alpha-ketoglutarate that resulted in winding back chronological age in...
Terry Grossman
In this interview at our fourth annual Ending Age-Related Diseases conference, Elena Milova and Terry Grossman discuss his longevity clinic and how current medicine deals with the problems of aging. Script Elena: Greetings to the participants of Ending Age-Related Diseases 2021. This conference brings together thought leaders and researchers working on rejuvenation biotechnology with the...
At the Fourth Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing, which was held in Brussels last November, Elena and I met Dr. Kris Verburgh, a medical doctor who is especially interested in biogerontology and the potential of this field of study to turn medicine on its head. Dr. Verburgh is only about 33 years old and has already...