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Category: Exercise

Diet and exercise
In a large-scale study, scientists have shown that exercise and good diet affect mortality independently, showing that you need both to stay healthy [1]. Is vigorous exercise special? Exercise is good for you, and so is a healthy diet. Moreover, those are probably the only currently available interventions with a proven effect on healthspan and...
Older people running
A study published in Obesity suggests that metformin may decrease the gains in cardiorespiratory performance brought on by exercise. The world's most common diabetes drug Metabolic syndrome, which is represented by the four connected symptoms of obesity, excessive fats in the bloodstream (dyslipidemia), high blood pressure (hypertension), and excessive blood sugar (hyperglycemia), all of which...
Weight Loss
A large Phase 3 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that an existing drug combined with a healthy diet and mild exercise leads to an average weight loss of 20% [1]. Diet and exercise are not always enough Being a known comorbid factor in many diseases of aging, obesity is tightly...