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Getting Started

Your project can be any research project involving the mechanisms of aging or focused on combating age related disease, the eligibility of which being determined by our board. It is best to keep your project focused, with a clear budget, research plan, and end goal. As you begin setting up your project, here are some important things to keep in mind:


Funding can be All-Or-Nothing or Flexible



Contributors are only charged if you reach your project goal. Β It is generally recommended to choose this model, as contributors are more likely to pledge to a project if they know their donations will only be taken if the project is going to receive enough funds to fulfill its goal. If the campaign is successful, takes a small percentage of funds raised as a platform fee, plus credit card processing fees. You can find more information on pricing on the Pricing and Fees page.



Funds are collected from contributors even if you do not reach your goal. Β This may be useful for projects that can be successfully undertaken with any amount of funds, but improved with more. Β Our platform fees are slightly higher with this model if the goal is not met, to encourage researchers to set reasonable goals and promote their projects well. You can find more information on pricing on the Pricing and Fees page.


Projects Are Not Limited to U.S

At we are happy to host projects from researchers all over the world. As long as the work is related to extending healthy human lifespan, we are interested in funding it.


Your IP Is Your IP

Researchers retain 100% ownership of their project and its results when posting on If you work for a university or institution, the intellectual property you generate follows your institution’s standard procedure.