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Tag: TGFβ1

February 05, 2020
We were at the recent Longevity Therapeutics Conference in San Francisco, and we had the opportunity to interview Irina and Michael Conboy from UC Berkeley about their pioneering work on blood factors and aging. Irina is a member of our Scientific Advisory Board, and the Conboys' work is well-known to rejuvenation advocates, as they are...
August 26, 2018
For the August Journal Club, we took a look at a new paper that shows inhibiting TGFβ can boost liver regeneration [1]. We also discussed another related paper from 2015 by Conboy et al. which showed regeneration in aged mice was possible if TGFβ was inhibited [2]. Taken together, the two papers both confirm that systemic...
August 17, 2018
For the August edition of the Journal club, we will be taking a look at this new paper which focuses on boosting liver regeneration by inhibition of TGFβ1. We will be streaming the Journal Club live from our Facebook page. Setting liver regeneration free The liver is an excellent model of organ regeneration; however, regeneration may...