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Tag: Calico

computational biology
In a preprint paper, scientists from Calico, Googleโ€™s longevity research behemoth, suggest that contrary to our previous understanding, transient reprogramming of cells using Yamanaka factors involves suppressing cellular identity, which may open the door to carcinogenic mutations. They also propose a milder reprogramming method inspired by limb regeneration in amphibians [1]. Rejuvenation that can give...
Longevity Therapeutics banner
Like nearly all conferences this past year, the 3rd Annual Longevity Therapeutics Summit, presented by Hanson Wade Limited, went virtual this time around. This was a stark difference from the previous two, which were rather fancy affairs in downtown San Francisco. However, we were fortunate that the organizers went forward with the event, bringing together...
Today we have an interview with Dr. Aubrey de Grey from the SENS Research Foundation. This interview conducted by Yuri Deigin,ย CEO at Youthereum Genetics, was originally published in Russian language and he has kindly translated it into English so our audience can enjoy it too. Yuri: Aubrey, thank you very much for agreeing to this...