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Repair Biotechnologies Raises a $2.15M Seed Round


In 2018, Reason and Bill Cherman founded Repair Biotechnologies, which, as its name suggests, is a rejuvenation biotechnology company focused on damage repair approaches to aging. The company has recently completed a seed round of investment funding, with a total of $2.15 million being put into the company’s coffers to bolster research and development. Reason described this seed round as follows:

We are very pleased to have the support of noted investors such as Jim Mellon. They are the people who are presently providing the fuel and publicity for ever faster progress in the longevity biotechnology industry.

We are also very pleased to have the support of important non-profit organizations such as the SENS Research Foundation. Non-profit groups are just as important as the venture community when it comes to accelerating progress in this field: they are the ones who establish the path and point the way for each new class of therapy.

Non-profit groups are the ones who undertake the hard work of coordinating and funding overlooked research programs in order to create the conditions necessary for venture capital to pay attention to rejuvenation biotechnology.

Then it is up to entrepreneurs such as ourselves to join the fray, bring these technologies to the clinic, and deliver as great a benefit as possible to the old people who presently suffer from the degeneration and disease of aging.

The development of rejuvenation biotechnologies from vision to reality is a collaborative tapestry of many roles, and it is a privilege to play a part with the many notables who wish Repair Biotechnologies to succeed, and who have provided material support to that end.

As our pipeline progresses, we hope to demonstrate to the broader community, and indeed the world at large, that regrowth of the thymus and reversal of atherosclerotic lesions can be important and highly beneficial parts of the rejuvenation toolbox.

As he mentioned, this company has two current focal points: thymus regeneration and cholesterol-clearing macrophages.

Thymus regeneration

The thymus is an organ that trains T cells from an immature state into fully mature immune cells that destroy pathogens. From the moment we are born, our thymi shrink and turn into fatty tissue, gradually crippling our ability to train more of these critical immune cells, harming the functioning of the immune system and making us vulnerable to deadly diseases. By promoting thymus regeneration through FOXN1, Repair Bio hopes to restore the function of this vital organ.

Cholesterol-clearing macrophages

The fatty plaques that are well-known for clogging arteries, leading to strokes and heart attacks, are predominantly made of cholesterol, particularly oxidized cholesterol. These plaques are regularly attacked by the immune cells called macrophages, which devour and destroy foreign and unwanted substances. However, macrophages are unable to consume too much of this cholesterol; when this happens, they become foam cells, joining the plaque instead of destroying it and thus compounding the problem.

Repair Bio intends to give macrophages the power to better degrade cholesterol, allowing them to destroy these lethal plaques. The company believes that this provides a superior alternative to attempting to reduce blood cholesterol.

Repair Biotechnologies to speak at our conference

We are pleased to announce that Repair Biotechnologies will be sponsoring Ending Age-Related Diseases 2019, our annual conference for discussing both the science and investment of rejuvenation biotechnology while bringing researchers and investors together in order to finance treatments against the diseases of aging. However, this conference is not just for those two groups; we encourage everyone who is at risk of suffering from age-related diseases to come and join us for what promises to be an exciting and informative event.

Reason and Bill Cherman will be speaking at this event as well; their talk, Developing Therapies for Thymus Regeneration and Atherosclerosis Reversal, will focus on the company’s approaches to treating these two serious health issues.

This year’s two-day conference will be hosted on July 11-12, and there are only 30 days left before ticket prices rise to $500 (USD); book your tickets today and save $100.

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