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Longevity Investment Take-Off Salon


Our friends at Foresight Institute and 100 Plus Capital have started regular longevity salons to coordinate the growing longevity enthusiasm and onboard new investors into the space. You are invited to kick off this series with aperitifs and hors d’oeuvre to discuss the current innovations that have been fueling the recent optimism in the field:

Longevity Investment Take-Off: What’s Different This Time, What’s Missing?

As a friend of, you are welcome to use the code for a 50% discount on the ticket price.

Sonia Arrison Senkut of 100 Plus Capital will discuss her investment philosophy and what societal changes we can expect and currently invest in, based on her book 100 Plus.

Aubrey de Grey of SENS Research Foundation will discuss what future changes in public policy must go hand-in-hand with increased control of aging.

Karl Pfleger of Aging Biotech will discuss the trend of aging companies founded over the last 10 years and his excellent company portfolio overview.

Nils Regge of Apollo Ventures will discuss the role of emerging major VCs in the space and his projections of the industry 5-10 years out.

Joe Betts-Lacroix of Vium will discuss the market gaps in the longevity industry that entrepreneurs and scientists should tackle when starting longevity companies.

In addition to the expert panel, ticket holders have the chance to apply to give a Lightning Talk.

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