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This association was started by well-known luminaries in the field.


LSN Longevity Biotech AssociationLSN Longevity Biotech Association

On this episode of Lifespan News, Ryan O’Shea talks about the Longevity Biotech Association and how it plans to improve the future of rejuvenation biotechnology.


Some big names from academia, industry, and investment have joined forces to create the Longevity Biotechnology Association, a non-profit organization with the goal of extending healthspan and ending age-related diseases. We’ll tell you who is involved, and what they are working on in this episode of Lifespan News!

Like many things over the past couple of years, the genesis of the Longevity Biotechnology Association can be traced to a Zoom call. The idea came about when James Peyer of Cambrian Biopharma, Jim Mellon of Juvenescence, Mehmood Khan of Hevolution Foundation and formerly the CSO of PepsiCo, were asked during a panel about how biotechnology companies could collaborate.

And they decided that there were a few good opportunities for collaboration that could speed up the development and use of life extending science and technology.

So they joined forces with others, including Einstein Institute for Aging Research director Nir Barzilai, The Longevity Fund founder Laura Deming, BioAge CEO Kristen Fortney, Harvard’s David Sinclair, and Longevity Vision Fund founder Sergey Young, among others.


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The goal of many of these leaders is the development of new medicines and therapies to prevent and cure, rather than merely manage, the health conditions of late life, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. By joining these leaders together the LBA intends to serve as a united “voice for the industry,”.

They’ve outlined four main goals:

To educate governments, the media, the public and the medical field about the promise of emerging therapies.

To collaborate in order to create and disseminate best practices in the geroscience field.

To advise newcomers to this field by providing insightful advice about approaches to geroscience and related technologies.

And to work with regulators such as the FDA to establish well-defined, rapid paths to approval that will bring this new class of therapies to patients.

There are a lot of diverse opinions regarding aging and various approaches to addressing it, and many of them are represented within the LBA. One of the early initiatives of the group will be working to standardize the biomarkers that will be used to gauge the efficacy of a therapy or intervention.

Posting to Twitter, James Peyer said:

I love the incredible community of leaders in our field – brilliant people from all over the world, diverse backgrounds, different ages – united around a single mission: Reducing the incredible suffering experienced by older people and the loss of the bereaved…

The progress and revolution in longevity has come not from a single government plan, but by scrappy academics making discoveries and taking chances, and now scrappy startup companies bringing those discoveries to patients . We work on different IP, under different banners

But we work with a shared mission, and we all know that however we as a field can succeed in that mission, it makes each group more successful – a rising tide that will raise all ships

By walking together with a shared mission, setting the standards for what should be measured in longevity trials, sharing data, and defining excellence in the field, the LBA will serve an important role in bringing transformative medicines to people everywhere.

You can learn more about this launch on the Lifespan.io website, where we’ve posted an article featuring interviews with various organizers. Find a link in the video description.


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