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Tovah, Ph.D.

About Tovah, Ph.D.

Tovah has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) for the past 11 years in clinical, research, teaching, community, and industry roles. Her dissertation work was focused on nutritional and behavioral neuroscience approaches for chronic disease prevention. In addition to writing for LEAF, she is a business owner that offers consulting and telehealth services.

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Fasting diet
Dr. Matt Kaeberlein and colleagues recently published a review summarizing anti-aging diets as well as their misconceptions [1]. Caloric restriction, fasting-mimicking diets, and intermittent fasting While fasting diets have been practiced for centuries, a recent re-emergence of this research has come to the anti-aging field. The general idea behind fasting diets is to cut back...
A team of researchers, including Dr. Olga M Limecki of TU Dresden University, has published a review on the effect of mindfulness meditation and loving-kindness compassion meditation (LKCM) and proposed a model to study it [1]. Mindfulness and compassion mediation defined One of our Science to Save the World episodes discusses what meditation does to...
Long Life Family Study
Since 2005, a team of researchers in Denmark and the United States have been conducting the National Institute on Aging’s Long Life Family Study (LLFS). Enrolled in the study were 4953 individuals from two generations of family, including siblings, spouses and offspring. Families recruited from the United States and Denmark had to prove a family...