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Long-time advocate for rejuvenation biotechnology and director of the aging research website Fight Aging. Reason is also the founder of Repair Biotechnologies,  a new venture that will focus on the development of gene therapies relevant to human rejuvenation. Their initial focus is on the development of gene therapies to regenerate the thymus, which has the potential to restore production of T cells in older individuals, or may help patients suffering from immunodeficiency.

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Fight Aging!
Over the course of the past twenty years, researchers have established the techniques needed to grow small volumes of functional tissue for many organ types. Lacking blood vessel networks, these organoids are at most a few millimeters in size; any larger and nutrients cannot perfuse to the innermost cells. There will be a use for...
Cellular Senescence Promotes Metabolic Dysfunction, in Turn Promoting Cellular Senescence
Aging is built on feedback loops, interactions between damage and dysfunction in which both sides accelerate the other. This is a feature of all complex systems, not just biological ones. The existence of feedback loops in which damage accumulation causes dysfunction that accelerates damage accumulation is the fundamental reason as to why aging is an...
Fight Aging!
The implementation of journalistic balance is a self-parodying genre of writing. In the case in which the scientific community is working towards saving countless lives, by implementing therapies targeting the underlying mechanisms of aging, the paint-by-numbers journalist and editor duo will dutifully find a curmudgeonly figure who thinks that everyone should just get on and...
Suggesting that Viral Infection Can Promote the Spread of Protein Aggregates in the Brain
There is an ongoing debate over whether or not persistent viral infection plays an important role in the development of Alzheimer's disease. That is largely focused on the function of the immune system, given the demonstrated relevance of chronic inflammation and microglial dysfunction to the progression of neurodegenerative conditions. Here, however, researchers provide in vitro...
Dysfunctional Mitophagy in the Aging Brain
Every cell in the body contains hundreds of mitochondria, the evolved descendants of ancient symbiotic bacteria. Their primary purpose is to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an energy store molecule used to power cellular operations. They are also involved in a great many other aspects of cell function, however. Mitochondria are dynamic organelles, capable of fusing...
How Much of the Benefit of Calorie Restriction in Mice is Due to Incidental Fasting?
Both calorie restriction and intermittent fasting can extend life in short-lived species such as mice, the former producing a larger benefit. Both appear to produce benefits to health in humans, though nowhere near the same effects on life span. Mice in past calorie restriction studies tended to be fed at intervals, such as daily, that...