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Alexandra Bause, Ph.D.

About Alexandra Bause, Ph.D.

Alexandra Bause is a Co-Founder and Investment Director at Apollo Health Ventures, an early-stage investment fund focused on developing interventions that enhance human health and longevity. As a trained pharmacist and biomedical science PhD, Alexandra has always been following her passion for improving healthy longevity. Her PhD studies at Harvard Medical School were focused on investigating the molecular mechanisms that contribute to cellular aging and could be targeted to increase mammalian health span. After her PhD, Alexandra worked with The Boston Consulting Group where she specialized on Pharma and Biotech Strategy to drive the development of innovative therapeutics. At Apollo, Alexandra is leading the venture creation programs that conceptualize and develop strategies for innovative biotech ventures targeting the aging process at a molecular level. She is also managing the pipeline and diligence process for external investment opportunities, predominantly focusing on preclinical stage biotech companies.

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