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Tag: Revel Pharmaceuticals

Aaron Cravens
Revel Pharmaceuticals, a holding of Kizoo Technology Capital, has announced that it is seeking $8.4 million dollars in investment funding in order to develop its enzyme-based approach towards ending age-related diseases. The full press release is included below. Kizoo Portfolio Company Revel Pharmaceuticals Announces $8.4M Seed to Develop Repairing Based Approaches to Reversing Aging Led...
New research takes us a step close to finding ways to remove the advanced glycation end-product known as glucosepane, a likely reason why our arteries stiffen as we age. Advanced Glycation End-ProductsIt has been proposed for some time that one reason we age is the accumulation of sugary metabolic wastes known as advanced glycation end-products...
Three buildings
There are lots of exciting companies working in the aging field, and it's a great time to tell you about three of the more interesting ones. Most of these companies are a while away from human trials yet, but their innovations could possibly be truly game changing. Underdog Pharma Underdog Pharmaceuticals is a spin-off company...
Some pleasant news has recently arrived: Revel Pharmaceuticals has successfully completed a seed round in order to begin developing therapeutics that target glucosepane crosslinks, which are a proposed reason why we age, develop diseases such as diabetes, and suffer from stiffened arteries and hypertension. In the business of startups, a seed round refers to a...