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Tag: Mediterranean Diet

Scientists have used DNA methylation markers to measure the anti-aging effects of healthy diet and physical activity, reaching interesting, if at times contradictory, results [1]. Move, eat healthy, check your biological age Physical activity (PA) and healthy diet are two powerful interventions that have time and again shown their potential to slow aging. Their importance...
Sergey Young interview
We recently had the opportunity to interview Sergey Young, a board member of XPRIZE and the creator of the $100m Longevity Vision Fund. When did you first become interested in healthy life extension, and why? My interest began with a routine visit to a doctor. Five years ago, at the age of 42, my blood...
Nobody has yet been able to prevent or avoid time’s effects on our bodies and minds, and they are inevitable until science finds the solutions to aging. However, before then, we can do some things to try to slow the processes of aging down. One potential approach is to follow the Mediterranean diet. This diet...