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Tag: Insulin

March 04, 2020
A team of researchers led by Dr. Jeffrey Millman at Washington University may be a step closer to a potential solution to diabetes, according to the results of a new study in which replacement beta cells were given to mice. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that occurs when blood glucose levels are constantly...
October 12, 2018
Scientists at Lund University, Sweden showed that it is possible to prevent type 2 diabetes in mice by inhibiting a protein known as VDAC1. This inhibitor might be employed in treating this disease in humans [1]. Abstract Type 2 diabetes (T2D) develops after years of prediabetes during which high glucose (glucotoxicity) impairs insulin secretion. We...
August 09, 2018
Somewhat serendipitously, Salk Institute researchers discovered that depleting the microbiomes of mice causes the animals to have lower levels of blood glucose as well as improved insulin sensitivity [1]. Abstract Antibiotic-induced microbiome depletion (AIMD) has been used frequently to study the role of the gut microbiome in pathological conditions. However, unlike germ-free mice, the effects...