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Tag: Ethics

April 15, 2021
When conducting science, it is crucially important to have clear, unambiguous definitions. These definitions must be firmly established to avoid confusion and misunderstandings and possibly to prevent people from going around telling everyone that you’re working on something that you’re actually not. The I-word It’s not uncommon, especially for outsiders of a given field, to...
April 07, 2021
For much of human history, living up to a ripe old age was seen as a gift from the gods, an aberration, or just the product of sheer luck. Given that up to the beginning of the twentieth century, many of us succumbed to disease at an early age, being extremely fortunate to live past...
April 05, 2021
One concern people have about increasing healthy human longevity is that society would become stagnant and innovation would cease as a result of people living too long. We will be taking a look at this concern and why we believe that stagnation probably won't happen as a result of increased longevity. Increasing human longevity vs...
Some people think longer lives would cause loss of motivation
April 03, 2021
Of all the concerns and objections that I've bumped into as a rejuvenation advocate, saying that healthy longevity would deprive us of motivation in life is by far the most bizarre. I have a hard time believing this concern is so widespread that it needs discussing, but it sometimes comes up, so for completeness’ sake,...
Does death give life meaning? No, not really.
March 29, 2021
In this episode of X10, we discuss what gives life meaning and exactly what role that the ending of life plays in that meaning. Check out the Dog Aging Project, which is run by cool people trying to give our pets longer, healthy lives: Script Do any of these quotes sound familiar to you?...
March 26, 2021
Suppose there was a country ruled by an evil dictator. Further, suppose the entire world was plagued by a terrible disease affecting 100% of the population. The disease isn’t infectious, but it is congenital. It progresses extremely slowly over the course of several decades, but it eventually ends up severely impairing one’s quality of life,...