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Tag: Animals

Bowhead whale
A preprint published in bioRxiv has partially explained the lifespan of the bowhead whale through its duplication of CDKN2C, which regulates how cells divide. Peto's paradox It would be logical for longer-lived animals to be more susceptible to cancer than shorter-lived animals over time, as they have longer to develop the mutations that lead to...
Methuselah's Zoo
To understand human longevity, we need to put it into perspective. Are we relatively long-lived or short-lived creatures? After all, among all the plants and animals in nature, we find a vast variety of lifespans, from several hours to several millennia, and possibly even more. While humans are the most long-lived primates, our lifespan pales...
Steven Austad
Dr. Steven Austad of the University of Alabama at Birmingham is not a typical geroscientist, or at least, he did not become one in a typical way. After obtaining his undergraduate degree in English literature, Steven spent several years on jobs such as a wild animal trainer for Hollywood before deciding to study biology, and his...

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