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OncoSENS Update June 2020


The situation with the OncoSENS project at the SENS Research Foundation has been uncertain for a while, and we want to update you about the project, so we recently contacted Dr. Aubrey de Grey to find out what has been happening. Unfortunately, things have not gone to plan, but, as always, you can rely on us to report the news, be it good or bad.

Unfortunately, the project has currently been shelved due to lack of money and little progress being made. However, ALT remains a very big deal if we want to bring cancer under complete control, and research progress in understanding how it works remains slow, though some interesting findings have emerged.

We may well reboot the project if the combination of availability of funds and lack of dramatic progress by other researchers makes it possible.

Aging research and especially that relating to cancer is highly complex and does not always go to plan, one needs only look at the decades of failed cancer drugs and research dead ends to appreciate the challenge. At least in the case of OncoSENS the concept remains viable and could one day be revisted by the team at SENS Research Foundation when things are more favorable. We would like to thank everyone who supported the project and are proud that at least we all tried, even if on this occasion, things to not work out.

  1. jimofoz
    June 14, 2020

    Bad news, but at least cancer research as a whole is still well funded.

  2. Sinead Margetts Salli
    June 15, 2020

    Why doesn’t the cancer council help? Join forces?

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