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LEAF and Have Merged Into a Longevity Hub


You may have noticed that the LEAF website is no longer there! Don’t panic, we will explain everything.

We have come a long way

Back in late 2016, we launched the LEAF website as a companion site to, our research fundraising platform. Since those first steps, the site has become increasingly popular and has enjoyed rapid growth during this time.

Over the years, some people have asked us why we decided to launch two separate sites. The answer is that when we originally began, there were a number of ideas on how best we might serve the community. One of those ideas was to develop a news outlet, but we were not sure if this would be something that people would find useful. Therefore, we did what scientists do when they don’t know something and want to test an idea: we launched an experiment.

Three years later, the results of the experiment are in, and it is a success! It is now very clear that our news outlet is a great tool for public education. It has become an organic part of LEAF activities, and we have now merged the two sites together; from now on, will be our main hub, and anyone visiting the old LEAF site will be redirected there.

Building a Longevity Hub

The site merge is in line with our goal of creating a longevity hub where people can find everything they need.

We have done a lot of things in the last three years, and here are a few of them:

  • Research news: We have published over a thousand news articles including over 100 interviews with top researchers in the field.
  • Outreach advice and initiatives: We have published lots of useful resources for advocates and addressed societal concerns relating to longer lives.
  • Edutainment: We launched the LifeXtenShow, a pop-sci video series focused on life extension.
  • Conference: We launched a successful annual conference series in New York, which is now in its third year.
  • Longevity Investor Network: We are uniting startups with investors to help speed up progress.
  • Crowdfunding platform: We have successfully crowdfunded several research projects on the platform, allowing the community to play an active role in the direction and progress of scientific research.
  • Journal Club: Dr. Oliver Medvedik has hosted a monthly research journal club every month since we launched to bring in depth analysis of the latest research papers.

Let’s talk about each point in a little more depth.

Research news: So far, we have published more than a thousand news articles tracking the many exciting developments happening in the field of rejuvenation biotechnology. Over a hundred of those articles are interviews with leading researchers of aging, CEOs of rejuvenation biotechnology companies, and longevity thought leaders. We have interviewed George Church, Maria Blasco, David Sinclair, Aubrey de Grey, Judith Campisi, Vadim Gladyshev and many other scientists, covering bases and removing blind spots in the overall systemic approach to ending age-related diseases.

Outreach advice and initiatives: We share our advocacy tips with longevity and rejuvenation activists, helping them to find the most convincing arguments for promoting aging research while dealing with public concerns and explaining how healthy longevity can be beneficial for individuals and society as a whole. We also invite activists all around the globe to come together in improving global and national policies concerning research on aging and the well-being of older people

Edutainment: We have created our popular LifeXtenShow and research webinars in order to teach newcomers about healthy life extension, familiarizing them with core ideas and terms so that they can build reliable and evidence-based longevity strategies. Each episode and webinar introduces newcomers to a single topic; the idea is that, in a few months, regular readers will know enough to navigate the field with confidence.

Conference on aging research in New York City: Each year, we host our own scientific conference, Ending Age-Related Diseases: Investment Prospects and Advances in Research, in order to foster scientific communication and networking for faster development of therapies that target aging. On our website, you can find recordings of talks from our past conferences as well as information about our next event. By learning the results of clinical trials directly from researchers, you have the opportunity to make your health maintenance strategy more grounded. Also, meeting with like-minded people and exchanging personal experiences is always a treat!

Supporting Startups: As part of our service to the community, we help young biotechnology companies find reliable investment partners though the Longevity Investor Network. By working together, we will bring evidence-based therapies against aging to the clinic much sooner.

Crowdfunding platform: We are determined to support basic and early-stage research on aging, and we will keep running campaigns on our crowdfunding platform to help research groups around the globe get their studies funded. You can access all the previous campaigns and find updates on the studies that our backers helped to fund.

Journal Club: The monthly Journal Club hosted by Dr. Oliver Medvedik brings you in-depth analysis of the latest research papers as well as commentary and discussion with Lifespan Heroes. If you are interested in the deeper scientific details of research papers, then the Journal Club should be your first port of call.

We are primed for expansion

With these changes will come further development of the content that our news outlet provides. In the coming year, you can expect to see a wider range of topics, including research AI and tissue engineering as well as more rejuvenation biotechnology news to enjoy. We have new writers joining the team, so keep a look out for exciting new stories coming soon!

Finally, we would like to thank our supporters, especially our monthly patrons, the Lifespan Heroes, for helping us to develop our organization into a true longevity hub. It is thanks to your help that we are able to keep developing and making the home of rejuvenation biotechnology news.

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Thank You!

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