The SynBioBeta Conference is Almost Here



At Oakland Marriott, California May 23-25, the SynBioBeta Global Synthetic Biology Conference is happening.

This is a three-day event featuring industry thought leaders speaking sessions, exhibitors with hands-on product demos, and focused industry networking opportunities. Global entrepreneurs, academics, investors, and policymakers attend SynBioBeta to connect, collaborate, learn, and grow. We bring together the smartest people working on the hardest problems and connect them across fields to build a better bioeconomy!

Lifespan.io are official media partners this year and Stephanie Dainow, Executive Director of Lifespan.io, will be speaking at the conference! You can get $200 off General Admission when you use the promo code LIFESPAN200.

Synergizing SynBio & Longevity

SynBioBeta Synthetic biology enthusiasts and longevity advocates both believe that harnessing the power of biology can change the world for the better. In this panel discussion, community builders from synbio and longevity come together to explore the exciting possibilities that could emerge from collaboration and cross-discipline outreach. How can the passion, innovation, and drive of the SynBio community accelerate advances in healthy lifespan extension?

Silicon Valley’s Investment in Bioeconomy: Paving the Way for Radical Longevity

SynBioBeta In this fireside chat Laura Deming, Partner at the Longevity Fund, and Alfredo Andere CEO of Latch Bio, will discuss how Silicon Valley’s pursuit of digitizing biology is transforming the bioeconomy and providing opportunities for groundbreaking innovations in health and longevity. Deming will share her insights on the latest advancements in the field, the potential for new therapies, and how such technological advancements could lead to the possibility of extending healthy human lifespans.

Harnessing SynBio Tools for Longevity

SynBioBeta Synthetic biology has led to innovative approaches with the potential to impact every aspect of life — but what about lifespan? Join a panel of technical leaders as they explore the transformative potential of synthetic biology for aging research and longevity biotech. The discussion will cover how SynBio tools could be developed or adapted to target aging, and how these innovations could drive breakthroughs in extending healthy human lifespans.
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