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The Lifespan Heroes

By becoming a Lifespan Hero you are taking an active role in supporting advocacy focused on ending age-related diseases Visit the LEAF shop


During our work, we sometimes meet people saying we are heroes and how much they admire our work, however, for us, the true heroes are the people standing with us and supporting our activities as monthly patrons. In April 2017, we created the Lifespan Heroes. These heroes of longevity support us each month and help us to take the fight to age-related diseases.

The Lifespan Heroes are people who support us and share our vision of a healthier and longer life. Their support allows us to achieve far more than we could ever do alone and includes:

Helping to guide scientific progress in the direction our community wants through advocacy and fiscal sponsorship of research projects.

Engaging crucial stakeholders such as philanthropists and investors to provide more support for research institutions and rejuvenation biotech companies.

Reaching out to new audiences and fulfilling our mission to educate the general public that aging is amenable to interventions.

Onboarding new team members to increase our range of activities as well as maintaining our existing team so we can grow as an organization.

Empowering people to switch from passive observation to action by creating a powerful set of tools to help the community learn and grow.

Spreading the word at conferences and other public events as well as hosting our own conference every year.


As a Lifespan Hero there are a range of benefits to you personally by being a regular supporter.
  • Great discounts at our events including our annual Ending Age-Related Diseases conference at the Cooper Union, New York City.
  • Access to a private networking channel on the Discord server.
  • The opportunity to join special online discussion webinars to meet the scientists working on ending age-related diseases and ask them questions.
  • Your name in the Hall of Heroes page acknowledging your support and commitment to ending age-related disease.


By supporting us with monthly donations, you become a Lifespan Hero, powering the development of and improving our ability to advance longevity-focused biomedical research. Heroes will be honored on our wall of fame, and we will also be able to offer exciting features to our entire community as key thresholds are reached.