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Tagged (and then reminded a couple months later)

By Keith Comito

About me…
When people first meet me they think I am an extremely relaxed person.
Later, sometimes years later, many of them come to realize that their initial
impression is not true at all.

My life is a mix of science, software, music, and photography.

I’ve a grandfather, dog, and nephew named Otto, which is also my
middle name.

I’ve performed in Carnegie Hall without any shoes on.

My parents live three miles from where the Iditarod starts,
not far from Sarah Palin’s house.

I’m not photogenic, but oddly enough I look OK on video. Weird.

I’ve lived in nearly half of the states of the United States. It’s
convenient and mostly true that I “grew up” in the US Pacific Northwest.

I think people are my worst photographic subject. I feel awkward,
rush shots, generally suck. What you see on Flickr are the few thing’s
I’m happy with.

I adore the extreme ends of the musical spectrum – Thrash, Death
Metal, Dimitry Shostakovich on one side, Brian Eno, Baroque, David Hykes on the
other. Only a modest affinity for things in between.

I’m attracted to the idea and visions of Apocalypse.

I believe the concept of the human soul is, in practice, one of the
most damaging things ever invented and inflicted onto this planet.

I cry in movies.

I’m the author of Flickr Hive Mind. Despite spending my life trying
to cure human disease, I am probably known by more people for a Flickr
tool I wrote over a handful of weekends than for anything I’ve done in

I’m a cellist who happens to be going deaf. That does suck.

For much of my life whenever I walked into a fancy Hotel, Restaurant,
etc, I felt like security personnel were going to immediately jump me.
Or that they should, as I didn’t belong there. Those that have seen
‘Brazil’ will understand.

My body is functional but highly assymetrical.

I have a pony tail and wear only black. Pretty much the uniform for
someone in my area of science.

I have worked in large corporations for most of my adult life, but am
considered a rebel.

I feed birds.

I stopped smoking four years ago.

I see no reason to ever stop drinking coffee. Ever.

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