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We host regular Webinars where you have the opportunity to meet the scientists working on the defeat of age-related diseases. Meet the Scientists!

Spearheading Scientific Progress

We have a number of projects designed to spearhead scientific progress, from raising initial funding for basic science, to linking promising startups with potential investors, we are here every step of the way.

In 2015, inspired by the rising popularity of crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we created our unique research crowdfunding platform, which supports projects focused on the aging processes in order to delay, prevent, or cure age-related diseases.

To date, we have raised more than $310,000 for research on aging thanks to the support of the community, and a number of those projects have already started to bear fruit, such as the AgeMeter biomarker system, which is available now, and the MouseAge visual biomarker system, which is available free via the Apple Store.

Since we launched our research fundraising project in 2015, we have raised over $310,000 for breakthrough research and hosted the following successful crowdfunding campaigns:

We will continue to support cutting-edge research projects that may fall foul of the traditional grant system due to the culture of risk aversion, so check often to see what new project launches are coming up and how you can get involved.


In early 2019 we started a new series of research webinars giving our monthly patrons, the Lifespan Heroes the opportunity to join in with online discussion panels with the researchers working in the field.

We record all of our webinars and offer our monthly patrons, the Lifespan Heroes, early access to the recordings for a few months prior to public broadcast.

If you would like to see these recordings ahead of public release or would even like to join us live for future webinars you can learn more about becoming a Lifespan Hero here.



In 2016 we launched the Journal Club, a monthly science show where we discuss the latest cutting-edge research hosted by Dr. Oliver Medvedik LEAF Vice President and Director of the Maurice Kanbar Center for Biomedical Engineering.

The journal club is livestreamed on our Facebook page each month and is primarily aimed at academics and those with a background in biology and is a great opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing research in aging and longevity as well as anyone else who wants to take a deeper dive into the latest research literature.


In 2018, we created the Longevity Investor Network, a group of forward-thinking investors who are interested in this promising field, see potential in rejuvenation therapies, and are helping the industry grow. At its monthly meetings, new biotech startups and established companies with new projects pitch their ideas to the investors; presentations from the companies are followed by Q&A rounds and discussion.

This group gives companies the opportunity to get critical investment funding in order to move their therapies towards the clinic, helping to bridge the valley of death between initial therapeutic candidates and commercial release. If you are an investor and interested in joining the group, visit the project page and get in touch.


The Longevity Book Club is hosted by LEAF Director Javier Noris and is the ideal place to join other longevity enthusiasts in reading the most interesting works that relate to our mission of ending age-related diseases. The club is open to all and will include discussion of various books  covering various topics including philosophy, genetics, biochemistry, ethics, and many more.