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Will Hunter

Will Hunter

About Will Hunter

Will is a professional writer and editor whose main focus and passion is in the field of anti-aging and life extension. He spends a great deal of time searching the scientific literature for the latest longevity research in hopes of finding practical interventions that will slow and even reverse aging. He is also intensely interested in philosophy, finance, and technology and never misses an episode of Jeopardy. Somehow, he still finds time to swim, run, bike, and lift weights.

Articles from this author

Lab mouse
March 11, 2020
A new mouse study has found that injecting healthy mitochondria from young mice into older mice improves learning and memory, skeletal muscle function, and immune system activity [1]. The Aging Mitochondria Mitochondria are incredibly important components of our cells, as they produce energy in the form of ATP, the "molecular unit of currency" of intracellular...