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Victor Bjoerk

Victor Bjoerk

About Victor Bjoerk

Victor is currently studying his Masters degree in Biology and is an active member of the scientific community.

Articles from this author

Circadian Rhythm Sleep
Today, researcher Victor Bjoerk talks us through his latest published paper, in which he describes a neurodegenerative disease that affects the circadian clock. A circadian clock disease With aging, the brain runs into multiple issues; however, some are more serious than others and cause disease symptoms throughout the body. While aging of some brain areas,...
George Church Interview
Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Professor George Church, a well-known geneticist and rejuvenation expert. Prof. Church's company, Rejuvenate Bio, will be launching a clinical trial to test a rejuvenation therapy in dogs this fall. In your recent paper on enabling large-scale genome editing, you talked about manipulating endogenous transposable elements with the help...
Our Ending Age-Related Diseases conference in New York is over for this year and has been a huge success. We had the opportunity to interview one of the speakers, Dr. María Blasco, during the conference, and we asked her more about her work with telomeres, telomerase therapy, and aging. Telomere loss is a proposed reason...
Many of you will likely already know who Professor George Church is, and that he is an important and senior member of the research community engaged in treating the aging processes to prevent or reverse age-related diseases, not to mention all kinds of other applications for genetic engineering. For those who are not familiar with...