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About nicholas-singh

Nicholas serves as Analyst for the Longevity Investor Network where he brings together investors and senior leadership of companies looking to raise capital for solutions that target key longevity hurdles. He has a BA in Chemistry from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is currently Senior Product Manager at NOVOS, a team of world-renowned scientists and medical doctors who formulate pioneering supplements to slow down aging and extend healthy lifespan. Nicholas is a former PM at Amazon, 2x TechStars speaker and serial entrepreneur, founding several startup organizations across health, education and technology. He is one of the few specialists in the world of Outcome-Driven Innovation ® (ODI), a quantitative market research methodology that uncovers opportunities in crowded markets in order to formulate breakthrough product strategies. He has consulted Fortune 100 companies in both medical and IT industries. In 2018, Nicholas became a Lifespan Hero, pledging monthly donations as he believes ending the diseases of aging is the most meaningful way to invest his time, money and energy. In 2021, he officially joined the organization as an active volunteer.

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