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Dr Asimina Pantazi

About Dr Asimina Pantazi

Originally from the Greek Islands, Asimina moved from Athens to Edinburgh, Scotland, to study a Masters in Biomedical Sciences and prolonged her stay to pursue a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology at the University of Edinburgh. Her research revealed an unusual type of senescence accompanied by a restricted senescence secretory phenotype, with key tumor suppressive potential. This experience in understanding senescence became the starting point of a growing passion for the advancements in the anti-aging scientific area. She has ever since attended several meetings and conferences in the field, developed a large growing network and she has grown into an advocate of healthy life extension. In the meantime, she has been developing expertise in research commercialization and digital medical communications working for pharma and non-profit organizations. In 2018, she took on a Scientific Advisor role in London, where she is currently based. Curious and persistent, she aspires to bring science to the public and change the way people perceive age-related diseases. She met Keith Comito at Undoing Aging ‘19 in Berlin and immediately expressed her interest contributing to LEAF’s efforts. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, photography, photoblogging and a good glass of wine.

Articles from this author

April 12, 2019
As a millennial with limited orientation abilities but expertise with digital tools, I used Google Maps to find the venue, fearing that I would have no data and would get lost in Berlin, only to find out that I was only a couple of meters away from to the venue entrance. The Undoing Aging 2019...