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Abdelhadi Rebbaa, Ph.D.

Abdelhadi Rebbaa

About Abdelhadi Rebbaa, Ph.D.

Dr. Rebbaa received his PhD from Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France, and held research and faculty positions at Northwestern University, the University of Pittsburgh and Columbia University. Over the course of his career, his research encompassed target and drug discovery and development in the fields of cancer, stem cells and aging. Recently, he oversaw the discovery and preclinical testing of small molecule senolytics and biomarkers of aging. Dr. Rebbaa served as a Principal Investigator on multiple grants, published over 40 manuscripts and reviewed manuscripts in respected scientific journals. He is currently applying the acquired experience to study the effect of a combination therapy using senolytics and stem cell transplantation on reducing senescent cell burden and the functional decline caused by aging.

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