Turn Bio Signs Agreement with HanAll Biopharma

This agreement is for the development of eye and ear therapies.


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Turn Biotechnologies, a developer of novel mRNA medicines and enabling technologies, today announced an exclusive global licensing agreement with pharmaceutical manufacturer HanAll Biopharma to develop groundbreaking medicines for the treatment of age-related eye and ear conditions.

The agreement, potentially exceeding $300 million in value for the first of multiple planned products, significantly expands the relationship between the companies. HanAll originally invested in Turn Bio in 2022.

A New Frontier in Age-Related Therapies

Products resulting from this collaboration will utilize Turn Bio’s Epigenetic Reprogramming of Age (ERA™) technology and its novel eTurna™ delivery platform. These cutting-edge technologies aim to restore optimal gene expression, combatting the effects of aging at the cellular level to treat and potentially cure chronic conditions.

“This partnership is a milestone for Turn Bio,” said company CEO Anja Krammer. “With HanAll’s support, we are accelerating the development of transformative therapies for eye and ear indications, which can benefit patients around the world. The potential impact on patients’ lives is enormous, and this is just the beginning.”

HanAll has closely monitored Turn Bio’s progress since its initial investment, recognizing the revolutionary potential of its epigenetic reprogramming technology.


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“Turn Bio’s innovative approach to epigenetic reprogramming aligns closely with HanAll’s mission to explore innovative medicines to expand our therapeutic area,” said Sean Jeong, M.D., MBA, CEO of HanAll Biopharma. “Together, we are poised to pioneer new treatments that address critical unmet needs, particularly in aging-related diseases.”

Expanding Horizons in Regenerative Medicine

The partnership expands Turn Bio’s development, which had primarily focused on dermatology and immunology, to two other organs most commonly affected by age-related conditions. This means Turn Bio is working on therapies to treat and potentially cure most diseases caused by aging.

“The power of ERA™ technology is that it can rejuvenate cells in virtually any organ in the body,” said Turn Bio Co-founder Vittorio Sebastiano, the company’s head of research. “This agreement enables us to accelerate our development on multiple fronts to reverse the damage caused by aging and improve the quality of life for older patients.”

About Turn Biotechnologies

Turn Bio is a pre-clinical-stage company focused on repairing tissue at the cellular level and developing transformative drug delivery systems. The company’s proprietary mRNA-based ERA™ reprogramming technology aims to restore optimal gene expression by combatting the effects of aging in the epigenome. This potentially restores cells’ ability to prevent or treat disease and heal or regenerate tissue and helps to fight incurable chronic diseases. Its eTurna™ delivery platform uses unique formulations to precisely deliver cargo to specific organs, tissues, and cell types.

The company is completing pre-clinical research on tailored therapies targeting indications in dermatology and immunology, and developing therapies for ophthalmology, osteo-arthritis, and the muscular system. For more information, see www.turn.bio.


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About HanAll Biopharma

HanAll Biopharma (KRX: 009420.KS) is a global biopharmaceutical company with presence in Korea, the USA, Japan, and Indonesia with the mission of making meaningful contributions to patients’ lives by introducing innovative, impactful medicines to address severe unmet medical needs. HanAll has been operating a portfolio of pharmaceutical products in the therapeutic areas of endocrine, circulatory, and urologic diseases for over 50 years.

HanAll has also expanded its focus to immunology, oncology, neurology, and ophthalmology to discover and develop innovative medicines for patients with diseases for which there are no effective treatments. One of its lead pipeline asset, HL161 (INN: batoclimab), an anti-FcRn antibody, is being developed in Phase 3 and Phase 2 trials across the world for the treatment of autoimmune diseases including generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG), thyroid eye disease (TED), chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), and Graves’ disease (GD). Another lead asset, HL036 (INN: tanfanercept), a TNF inhibitor protein, is being evaluated in Phase 3 clinical studies in the US and is also being evaluated in China for the treatment of dry eye disease. HL161ANS, an anti-FcRn antibody targeting multiple indications, and HL192 (ATH-399A), a Nurr1 activator currently targeting Parkinson’s Disease, are also being evaluated in Phase 1 clinical studies (healthy volunteers). For further information, visit our website and connect with us on LinkedIn. For any media inquiries, please contact HanAll PR/IR ([email protected][email protected]).

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