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The Sheekey Science Show on Fisetin Trials

This flavonoid is being tested for its senolytic effects in human beings.

The Sheekey Science Show on fisetinThe Sheekey Science Show on fisetin

In this video, the Sheekey Science Show explores fisetin, a flavonoid that is found in strawberries and shown to have senolytic effects. This compound, a polyphenol like resveratrol and quercetin, has been shown to somewhat activate SIRT1, which enhances longevity, while eliminating harmful senescent cells in mice, as proven by the reduction of cells that produce the senescence marker p16. A clinical study is being conducted to tell if fisetin supplementation has positive effects on frailty, inflammation, and related signs of aging, another study attempts to ascertain its effects on skeletal health, and yet another study is being conducted to see if it can help prevent the cytokine storm associated with COVID-19.

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