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The Sheekey Science Show on Fasting

The benefits of caloric restriction are significant and easy to obtain.

The Sheekey Science Show's Youtube image on fastingThe Sheekey Science Show's Youtube image on fasting

In this video, the Sheekey Science Show discusses the different types of fasting (periodic and intermittent) and how they relate to aging, including their beneficial effects on metabolism and stem cells, along with the concept of refeeding. Supplements that serve as caloric restriction mimetics, which replicate some of the effects of fasting, are also explored.

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  1. Rasmus Rasch
    January 25, 2021

    This video is so well researched! It really gave me a holistic view on fasting. I´ve learned so much. The more I learn about longevity the more I´m starting to notice how everything is tied together, It´s very interesting.

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